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    Larry Peters retired from the Norman, Oklahoma Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Certified Latent Fingerprint Examiner.  He received his formal fingerprint training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation while employed as a fingerprint technician in the Identification Division from1964 to 1965.  Larry received his Fingerprint Certification from the International Association for Identification (IAI) in 1977.  He was then employed with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation as a fingerprint technician and crime scene investigator and stationed in Oklahoma City.  Larry was then employed by the Norman Oklahoma Police Department as a Fingerprint Examiner and Crime Scene Investigator.  He organized what is now the Crime Scene Investigations Unit.  While at the Norman Police Department, he attended the United States Secret Service Questioned Document School in Glenco, Georgia along with the FBIís Document Training School at Quantico Virginia. He has received many hours of in service training from Colorado Bureau of Investigation and Bexar County Texas Medical Examinerís Office in Forensic Document Examinations.  He has testified numerous times in State and Federal Court. Larry has numerous letters of accommodations from District Attorneys and Assistant United States Attorneys.


Upon retirement from the Norman Police Department, Larry was employed by the Tarrant County Medical Examiners Office in Ft. Worth, Texas for three years. He was the Latent Fingerprint and Questioned Document Examiner for several Counties and worked on many notable cases. One such case concerned the Waco, Texas, David Koresh (Branch Dividians) case.


Larry was employed with the DEA South Central Laboratory in Dallas, Texas for thirteen years as a Fingerprint Specialist.  He was Clan Lab Certified and processed Clan Labs for latent fingerprints in several states. He processed numerous Drug Cases for latent fingerprints using state of the art instruments and testified in Federal Court in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama and Virginia.


Larry was on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Identification for four years.  He is a charter member of the Oklahoma Division of the International Association for Identification and past president.  While at the Norman Police Department, he held an Advanced Law Enforcement Training Certificate and was on staff at the Norman Police training academy.  While at the Norman Police Department, Larry received over three thousand hours of Police and Specialized training.


Larry holds an Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Oklahoma City Southwestern and attended Oklahoma City University.


He is a member of the following professional organizations.


Life member of the International Association for Identification (IAI)

Charter member of the Oklahoma Division of the IAI.

Member of the Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Member of the Texas Division of the IAI.

Charter member of the Crime Scene Reconstruction.


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